Hey Guys and Girls, thanks for coming and checking our my site. My name is Gemma Little and as you can see the name fits, I am very tiny and yes as cute and innocent as I look lol ! Well that was until I did my site, I had never thought about taking my clothes off before this... but it just makes me feel so naughty when I do, especially knowing what it does to you guys ! And as if that isn't naughty enough, I then got to play with a very naughty girl he he ! I had never kissed another girl before this, but inside you will see me kiss her, play with her boobs, and even lick cream off her nipples... yes I know "not innocent anymore !" Hope you all come and see how naughty I got inside. - Love Gemma Little xoxo

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Baby Oil Shower

Well I am usually quite shy, but there's something about having hot water and baby oil splashing all over your body that brings out my naughty side, I love the feel of the oil on my pert little body he he ! Now I am all hot, wet and horny, need someone to come join me in the shower !

Gemma VOn Food Fight

So I decided I wanted to shoot with another girl, bit naughty for such a innocent girl like me lol ! We had so much fun smothering each other's body's with cream, and then licking and sucking it off nom nom! Oh and of course my first girl girl snog!

School Girl

I love playing the cute innocent little schoolgirl, I know just how horny it makes you older guys he he ! Bet you all want to be my teacher, would you punish me, spank my pert little bum ! Here's to loads of detention with you all !

Gemma Von Baby Oil Fun

Another naughty chance for me and Von to play with each other, this time we get the baby oil out ! 2 whole bottles of baby oil to writhe in, Von is a little dominant, but I dont mind being submissive for a hottie like Von ! She played with my little body all day, makes me horny just thinking about it !

Yellow Bikini

These little wicked weasel bikinis even look small on my pert body ! I love the looks you get on the beach, teasing all the boys with my pert tits and firm ass... well the bikini doesn't leave much to the imagination, not that I keep it on very long lol !

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